Introducing nüwa links, a simple URL shortener

Introducing nüwa links, a simple URL shortener


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Introducing nüwa links (nuwa links), a simple free URL shortener service.

nüwa pronounce as nuwa

Why URL shortener

Although there are a lot of URL shortener services, with free tier or paid or open source self hosted, but I always wanted to launch a simple service for my personal usage, and at the same time offer to public. Also I can add custom features if I wanted to.


Creating a public service has different kind of challenges. One of the biggest challenges to me is to get started. I have a lot of ideas in head, but was too lazy to work on it after the day job. Creating something simple was more suit for my case considering that I don't not have a team.


It doesn't have a lot of features, only basic functionalities, like Email verification, viewer IP address location lookup, due to integrate with third party services would exceed my current budget. But will consider to add if the budget allows.


Currently it is offer for free for everyone, but I encourage everyone to "buy me a coffee" if you enjoy the service. As it requires some money for servers and domain, and time to maintain the service.

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