Migrate to Google Cloud DNS

Migrate to Google Cloud DNS

Scalable, reliable, and managed DNS service


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What is Cloud DNS

Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving from Google's worldwide network.

Definition taken from docs

Why Cloud DNS

Having DNS management together with your Google Cloud Project is very convenient. You can assign IAM roles to project members to manage access list. Cloud DNS SLA promises 100% availability.

Setup Cloud DNS

Head over to Networking -> Network Service -> Cloud DNS -> Create Zone, and fill in the necessaries.

Then, click on the zone that just created, copy all the NS records. Optionally you can find it on right hand corner, click on Registrar Setup.

Go to your Registrar, in my case is NameCheap. Find NameServer on your Reigstrar, and select custom DNS. Paste all the values from NS records.

For NameCheap, it's under DomainList -> Domain

Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 3.14.11 PM.png

It may take up to 24 hours to migrate over. All of your domain will be temporary unavailable. Please be caution. In my case, it took about 10 minutes for migration. Your case may vary.


Cloud DNS is fast in my opinion. It typically take less than 10 minutes to get ready with new domain based on my usage so far. Feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts. When I wanted to migrate from NameCheap to Cloud DNS, I couldn't found any example, so I write this post.

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